On Wednesday, I had a call from Spyros at NOMAD to say our furniture and house contents would be in Crete on Friday. We agreed that they could deliver on the same day. However, he sent another message on Thursday to say the furniture was coming by the day boat, arriving at 20:30. We agreed that Saturday morning would be OK, early, to try and avoid the extreme heat due to the Cerberus heatwave.

The delay gave Deborah and me an extra day to clear some space to receive the delivery. The house has a lot of furniture (beds mainly) that was here when we purchased the property that we do not need/want. The first step was to get these items out of the house. The next will be to dispose of them; The Citizen’s Service Centre (KEP) office in Vryses has a programme to collect and redistribute items like these to people in need.

At 08:45, Spyros called to say he was at the gate. After a quick “tour” of the house, he and Mark started unloading the van. There was no sitting around watching as I was given the delivery inventory and asked to tick off every item. They worked hard, aided by copious amounts of water.

Two hours later, we had a house full of boxes, a feat that took several weeks when we packed to leave the UK! The only issues were a missing box and a tumble dryer that would not fit through the door to the downstairs shower room. Spyros said they would check the long-distance truck for the missing item, but we would have to sort the tumble dryer ourselves.

The missing box was quickly discovered in the “shed” when it should have gone to the second bedroom upstairs. That just left the tumble dryer. Once we removed the protective Furnisoft, we found it slid through the door. There was not much room to spare, but it was in. We needed to use a little more effort to get it on top of the washing machine!