What a week it has been! After what seems like months of packing all our possessions into boxes, NOMAD turned up on Tuesday to take it all to Peterborough. From there they will transport everything to Patra in Greece and then onward to Villa de Tara via their depot in Chania. The guys did a fantastic job packing the bits we hadn’t (beds, lamps, pictures and mirrors) and loading them into their truck.

Having sent the house contents on their way, it was time to move people and a dog. I dropped Deborah off at Heathrow on Wednesday morning and on Thursday it was time for Jake to start his journey. I took him to FlyPets in Chertsey; see how impressed he was:


After a vet check, he stayed overnight before being taken to Heathrow for his 2-part flight. The first was to Athens where he was cleared through customs by Chris who runs an animal hotel there and given a bit of a walk around. Then he was checked onto the evening flight to Chania. Deborah met him when he came through the door next to the luggage carousels in his travel crate. He got lots of attention as she walked him through the terminal!

That just left me in the UK. I “sold” the car last Saturday through carwow. The car was collected by the dealer who had purchased it (and I was paid immediately) on Friday. At 04:00 yesterday a taxi took me to Heathrow for my flight and we were all together in our new home by mid-afternoon.