Deborah got an insect bite on her chest at the end of last week. Over the past couple of days it has become more inflamed and a rash has spread out from it. This morning she decided that she wanted to see a doctor. Armed with her European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) we set off for Vamos Health Centre.

Vamos Health Centre

When we arrived we saw that there was sign asking all visitors to wear a face make. Not having had to wear a mask for so long, neither of us was carrying one. However, when Deborah spoke to the receptionist, she gave her one from behind the counter. I opted to wait outside. Of all the people I saw wearing masks, it was two medical staff wearing them with just their mouths covered and noses exposed that were the most amusing.

Given that it was 09:50 on a Monday, neither of us expected the speed of service; within 10 minutes Deborah had been seen by a doctor who said the bite was feeling a little warm and prescribed a course of antibiotics. By 10:10 we had driven into the centre of the town, parked the car, visited the pharmacy (where a face mask was again required) and paid 2.00€ for the prescription Amoxicillin after showing her EHIC again.

After the trouble of even getting an appointment with a doctor in the UK, this was a welcome introduction to the Greek health system.