Deborah’s daughter is staying with us for her summer holiday, accompanied by our grandson and her partner, Chris. He is a PADI-certified diver, but it has been several years since he last dived. When we mentioned the opportunity of diving during their visit, Chris was very excited and booked his PADI ReActivate immediately. We HAD to book our refresher dives!

Last Wednesday, he and I went to Omega Divers to see what dives they had planned; they informed us they had a beach dive for the following day or a Lighthouse/Elephant’s Cave boat trip for yesterday. I told Chris this second option would be much more interesting, and we booked this for all three of us.

Chris Noble

Once in the water, you could not tell it had been so long since Chris last dived. We had a great first dive (Lighthouse), with plenty of fish to observe. After our surface stop/lunch, we jumped in for the second dive, Elephant Cave.

The guides led us on a slow entry into the cave. Everyone had torches and could view the rock formations and how the cave got its name, the fossilised elephant teeth. We continued further into the cathedral-like inner cave with impressive stalactites and stalagmites. The guides got us to turn off our torches to show how dark it really is!

We swam across the cave, admiring the views until we could go no further. Diving down, we could see the bright blue glow of the entrance. After a exiting the cave, we had a short journey back to the boat.

We were impressed with the amount of fish we saw. The numbers have certainly increased in nearly three years since we first dived here.

These two dives are the best package we have taken with Omega, but the guide suggested we try their wall dive trip. We will give this a go, but it is time to try a different location and dive sites.