We ordered some items at the IKEA order and delivery facility in Chania a couple of weeks ago. We chose delivery (in two to three weeks) because the main piece (a day bed for the study/third bedroom) wouldn’t fit in the car. I also ordered bathroom items from the Amazon German marketplace last Sunday with a delivery date of Tuesday 25 July.

On Monday, I received a call from Delatolas Express Cargo telling me my IKEA delivery would be on Thursday. Amazon informed me my delivery would be Thursday also through an in-app message on Tuesday.

The first call came from the IKEA delivery. The English driver’s mate told me they were leaving Drapanos, and I agreed to meet them in the village square to show them the way. As I turned into the road to our house, they stopped. They had tried to deliver to a nearby property a few days ago, but the truck was too large. The only option was to load the 11 items into my car and drive very slowly to the house with the rear hatch open. Once there, Deborah helped me with the self-delivery!

Almost as soon as we had stacked the boxes in the spare bedroom, I received another call. The caller only spoke Greek, and hung up almost immediately. The son of the delivery driver called and explained his father did not speak English. I asked him to get his father to go to the square. A few minutes later, I saw the car packed high with parcels and took receipt of my goods.